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Sakiori is a weaving technique that has existed since the middle of the Edo period and was born of the Japanese ethos of mottainai that abhors waste. After untying and re-dyeing discontinued kimonos, the cloth is torn into thin strips and woven into the weft, with polyester yarn mixed in for strength. It is a fabric that produces a unique appearance.

width 90cm


Sakiori sneaker, Tango blue SPINGLE MOVE × kuska fabric

These slip-on sneakers are a fusion of sakiori, a technique handed down from the Edo period, and the vulcanization method, a basic sneaker manufacturing method used 170 years ago. They are manufactured by the Spingle Company in Bingo, Hiroshima.

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Sakiori, leather sneaker Brightway × kuska fabric

This minimalist sneaker features kuska fabric sakiori in the upper part. Brightway of Naniwa, Osaka, which has been involved in making women’s footwear for many years, is able to take care of the details that make it possible to provide gentle comfort.

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