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A recycling project born of the responsibility
and artisanship of the creator

about Re:kuska

kuska fabric continues to be handmade by artisans in Tango, Kyoto. Rather than mass production and mass consumption (disposal), we create products that convey the thoughts of their creators.

We want to be a one-of-a-kind brand that does that.

Re: kuska is based on this idea, and we wanted to reduce the disposal of our products and recycle them as much as possible by the hands of artisans. Re: kuska is a project born of the responsibility of the creator and the spirit of artisanship.


kuska fabric always offers a repair service free of charge (you only have to pay for the shipping) if your necktie has a condition such as popping threads or loose stitches.

This is a service that kuska fabric can provide because we do everything from hand weaving to sewing in house. We would be honored to have our artisans put their heart and soul into repairing your necktie and adding it to your repertoire.

use restoration service

applicable conditions

  • Threads of the necktie are about to become loose.
  • Adjoining tailored or stitched parts are becoming loose.
  • Threads caught an object and are sticking out as a result, etc.

irreparable state

  • Fabric stains (please consult a dry cleaner, etc. first)
  • Frayed fabric (you may be able to fix this by folding and hiding the relevant area, so please consult us in advance)

mailing address

KUSKA Co., Ltd.
384-1 Iwaya, Yosanocho, Yosa-gun, Kyoto 629-2314
Note: Please state ‘necktie maintenance’ in the remarks area.

*The postage for sending and returning the necktie shall be covered by the customer.
We will return the repaired necktie to the customer using Sagawa Express’s cash-on-deliver service.

required information for maintenance

  • Name
  • Zip code
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Mail address
  • Store name your product was purchased from

maintenance period

The maintenance service will likely take around two months for each necktie.

other retailers

You can also bring it to “kuska fabric flag ship” in Tokyo or “KUSKA TANGO FACTORY SHOP” in Tango, Kyoto for maintenance.

shop locations


If there is anything that you would like to consult us about, please feel free to contact kuska fabric.


The customers wearing kuska fabric neckties with affection for a long period of time provides motivation to our craftsmen that weave each necktie using hand looms.

While we will certainly do our best to repair the neckties that are sent in, there may be cases where they cannot be repaired as requested.

We ask for your understanding in advance.


daily tie maintenance

As the kuska fabric neckties are produced to offer a unique soft feel by weaving and sewing them using hands, certain areas of the neckties are more susceptible to damage caused by a strong force (i.e., being pulled or getting caught with an object) compared to the neckties that are machine-woven.

Therefore, please handle the neckties gently when tying and untying them.

storage instruction

After wearing a necktie for a day, take it off and hang if from a hanger to rest the fabric, or fold it in half and roll it up while stretching the wrinkles to store.
When the necktie appears deformed or any sewn thread is found loose after it is taken off, please gently and slightly pull toward you the thread that is used to sew the center of the necktie (i.e., the round loose thread that can be found when the wide blade and narrow blade are spread up) and also stroke the necktie with a hand simultaneously to correct the form of the fabric.
We recommend letting the necktie rest for a few days after wearing it for a day. If the neckties are worn every day continuously, it will put their fabrics under stress due to friction, etc.
Dry cleaning is recommended for the kuska fabric neckties, as their silk material can be easily damaged by water or friction.

daily scarf maintenance

use precautions

As very delicate materials and weaving method are used for these mufflers, please be careful not to have them get caught with an object (e.g., fastener, ring). In the event a thread has gotten caught, etc. with an object, please do not cut it but instead mark the area and send the muffler to kuska fabric for free repair.

※Please note that the postage for sending and returning the muffler shall be covered by the customer.

※The repaired muffler will be returned to the customer using Sagawa Express’s cash-on-delivery service. *Although it will be difficult to repair stains or worn threads, please contact us separately for consultation.

washing instructions

step1 While we recommend dry cleaning as the standard method for cleaning the mufflers, they can also be cleaned by soaking in lukewarm water mixed with a small amount of neutral detergent and gently pressing with hands. Please do not rub them hard or mix with other clothes to wash in any case.
step2 After performing the process as described above, please rinse lightly with water (gently by hand), spin-dry it for 30 to 40 seconds, and lay it horizontally in the shade to dry while making sure that the correct form of the fabric is maintained. It will take from a half day to a whole day to become fully dry.
step1 Although an iron can be used to correct the form of the fabric using its steam function, ironing should be performed with caution as pressing it down too much on the muffler could harm the texture.
After push-washing the muffler, add a fabric softener (for silk and wool) to further improve the texture.

storage instruction

As these mufflers are made of silk, be sure to store them with an insect repellent.



We collect kuska fabric neckties that have outlived their usefulness and are no longer in use. All kuska fabric neckties with brand tags are subject to collection. The collected neckties will be maintained and cleaned by artisans at a workshop in Tango, and will be reborn as a new series of Re: kuska products.

We will send ¥3,000 worth of kuska fabric points to customers who cooperate with the collection.

use recover service

applicable products

Applicable products kuska fabric brand tie.
※It is limited to with brand tag

where to send

384-1 Iwaya, Yosanocho,Yosa-gun, Kyoto KUSKA Co.,Ltd. Collecting Tie
※It is also collected at the Tango shop and Tokyo shop

phone number

Tango shop +81(0)772-42-4045  
Tokyo shop +81(0)3-6205-7822

shipping method

You put the tie in the box or the bag, please send it out by prepayment.


After arriving at kuska fabric, we give kuska fabric point for 3,000 yen within one week.



The series of products with the Re: kuska tag have been created by kuska fabric artisans who maintained and cleaned the neckties that were collected. The current situation is that most apparel products, not just neckties, are discarded after they have served their purpose.

kuska fabric hopes to create neckties and other remade products that can be used again by performing repairs that are possible only because we are a manufacturer that is capable of integrated production from handweaving to sewing.

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